1. The student's work must be at his instructional level.
2. Homework must be done at the student's independent level.
3. Follow-up should be at the student's independent level with 90% accuracy.
4. Assignments should be written down and said orally because of transposing.
5. Students should be asked to repeat the directions to make sure he/she has processed them correctly.
6. A line marker should be used if the student keeps losing his place.
7. A pointer or arrow should be used as a point of focus or reference when working at the board.
8. Enunciation should be clear for all students with auditory problems.
9. Students should be retaught whenever needed.
10. Independent learning centers should be established to stress pre-reading and pre-writing skills. (Dyslexia designee will help with these)
11. Grades should be given for oral work.
12. Tests should be given orally and exact answers recorded.
13. Parents should be allowed to read and/or record exact answers for homework.
14. Peer tutors should be used in the classrooms to read and record answers for the student.
15. Students should be given 2 or 3 questions per page to look for. If student cannot find the answers he/she rereads and does not go on until the answer is found.

Entrance :

1. Independent reading is 2 grade levels below expected performance level
2. Poor Phonics
3. Average and above IQ
4. Good oral communications
5. School has exhausted compensatory and/or remedial programs