Dyslexia and Learning Disorders

We're here to help!This site exists to provide information about dyslexia and other learning disorders.   It exists because of Dr. Garth Vaz's desire to improve the lives of everyone dealing with dyslexia and other learning disorders.  The method chosen to reach this goal is to make a wealth of information available to anyone interested in these areas.

Dr. Vaz's Dyslexia: An Appropriate Time To Asses power point presentation is now online.  This is the companion to Dr. Vaz's lectures and his paper under the Dyslexia and LD button on the menu.

The information included under Dyslexia Booklet was compiled by the Nixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent School District as a Teacher's Information Booklet Concerning Dyslexia. If you would like to download the entire Dyslexia Booklet in MS Word format click here.  If you are using MS Internet Explorer and the booklet is displayed in this frame, you can print the booklet by clicking on the page, and then selecting print from the Internet Explorer File menu.

The information included on this site under Dyslexia And LD, was compiled by Dr. Vaz in a paper titled Dyslexia: An Appropriate Time To Assess. A copy of his paper in now available for download in MS Word format by clicking here. Helpful suggestions for home and school for children with Central Auditory Processing problems have been added to the Dyslexia and LD section under the Obscurers and Imposters - CAPD subtopic.

The Books pages contain information about books that Dr. Vaz hopes you may find helpful.  If you would like information about purchasing one of these books, please use the Order form.

The Resources page contains links to other web sites with information about dyslexia and learning disorders.  It also has conventional contact information for selected organizations and associations.

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